Pink passion


Yaz aylarının favori çiçekleri ORTANCA,ŞAKAYIK,EKVATOR GÜLLERİ ile hazırlanmış bir aranjman.


This romantic, feminine arrangement is just as pretty as a picture.

Vibrant pink Peonies, dramatic deep fuchsia Astilbe, and various rich foliages are beautifully complemented by the pink tones of Hydrangeas. .

If an item is unavailable, we’ll substitute in products of equal or greater value.




Picture showcases our Pink Passion Arrangement, unless stated otherwise. If a flower pictured is unavailable for any reason, we will substitute this for a flower of the same or higher monetary value and in a similar style and color.

Please note as with all natural products there may be slight variances in color. If you have specific requirements for your bouquet, please call us to let us know.

Immediately upon receiving your arrangement, check the water level and add water to fill the container to the top. Display in a cool location, away from direct sunlight, and add water daily.

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