{ Angel Wing Caladium; Caladium Bicolor; Caladium Fancy Leaf; Caladium Hortulanum }

Aptly named the sweetheart caladium, this beauty has bright pink leaves with a dark green liner making a striking addition to your plant collection. Their leaves are paper-thin and light up when they catch the sunlight. A rare beauty.

Caladiums are bulbs which produce leaves from Spring to Autumn, so expect total leaf fall in Autumn. When that happens, stop watering and place your plant somewhere warm. The following spring, begin watering again and move the plant back to a bright spot. Your Caladium bulb will awaken and start producing leaves. 


Stokta yok



  • Originates from Central & South America
  • Bright, indirect light – keep away from strong direct sunlight
  • Weekly, keeping the soil moist at all times. Enjoys high humidity but prone to overwatering.
  • Toxic, keep away from pets and small children
  • Sad Plant Signs – New growth losing colour: lack of sunlight. Dry leaf edges: under-watering. Browning leaves: overwatering. Total leaf fall: to be expected, Caladiums go dormant from Autumn to Spring. Stop watering until Spring.

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